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Friday I won $200 at the casino, which paid for all the shopping I did Friday afternoon.

Last night I won more money at a poker game. My friend has a brother who has a horseshoe up his ass. He'll go all in on stupid cards like 6, 8 off suit and come up with a straight on the flop. He knocked someone out on that hand, I swear. I was low in chips because I bet far too much on my first hand with a pair of aces and a king kicker and the other person had 3 queens. After that, I reigned in my betting and managed to come back a bit. When it was down to 3 of us, I started being a bit more aggressive. When it was heads up, I got way aggressive, going all in. He had a million times as many chips as I had and I either needed to get out early and take the 2nd place prize or start doubling my chip count. Thankfully I started doubling my chip count to the point I was in the lead. I got a bit timid then started to bet conservatively, which didn't get me there. He got timid after out chipping me 4-1 and suddenly losing it all. I threw in $20k on a K, 7 suited and he went all in. I called. He had a pair of 8's. On the flop 2 spades came up. A Q hearts on the turn and the river was another spade. I had a flush and won. Boo yah. Maybe playing poker online and watching WPT events on tv has helped a little bit.

I'm 70% sure the Oilers are going to miss the playoffs again.

There are some jobs open in Ottawa that I'm thinking of applying for. Housing is much more affordable there and there are worse places to live than Ottawa. Like Calgary.

My dilemma is the Olympics coming up. I wouldn't mind being around Vancouver when they come in. I may even be able to score some sweet tickets.

I now have enough airemiles for 2 return tickets anywhere in North America. I'm using them to send my parents to Memphis, Tennessee for their anniversary in October. My Mom is a lifelong Elvis fan. So much so it's an ongoing joke in our family. My nieces and nephews are now old enough to realize he's been dead forever. Yet they too still like his music. Over the holidays my nephew had me transfer Elvis songs to his mp3 player.

While I'm using my miles to send them, my brothers, my sister and I will be splitting the cost of the hotel amongst us for their weeklong stay. I'm just that nice.

At any rate, this is my last night in Toronto. I leave for Ottawa tomorrow with no clear plan on how I'm going to handle the clusterf*ck with my boss about me not going back. Although I do have a good argument now that the agenda has been handed out. The meetings in BC are of a "retreat" nature and not "strategic planning". There's no urgency in the meeting as there is with the one in Ottawa. I may get my way. Or I may miss a plane Tuesday or be caught in Ottawa with bad weather and it avoids the whole drama of defying one's supervisor.

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