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Disclosure: I'm a nerd. I know this. I've accepted it. You should too.

There are two times where I'll silently seeth if you call me: When I'm watching Oilers hockey and when I'm watching election results. Unless you're calling to discuss said hockey game or said election results, I'm not going to want to talk. WHY PEOPLE DON'T REALIZE THIS BY NOW I'LL NEVER KNOW. God Bless my Mom, I love her so but I REALLY DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT PROBLEMS AT A SCHOOL WHEN OBAMA MAYBE MIGHT BE IS COMING CLOSE TO WINNING A STATE. Thankfully my Mom doesn't take offense when I say, "Mom, I'm watching CNN and Obama's losing right now so I don't care." because I take my candidate losing just as hard as I take an Oilers loss. If not worse because the ramifications are far reaching. The Oilers lose, the economy won't tank, lives won't be lost (I hope) and people won't have to choose between which limb to save while going to the ER. The wrong candidate gets elected you could find yourself in the clusterfuck known as the "war in Iraq", your economy could be tanking, which has already cost me a bit of change in my retirement savings (although to be fair I've "lost" a fair amount on Oilers bets and tickets to games).

It is now, I kid you not, 2:42 am. I'm still awake, trying to be my own statistician and figure out how many delegates Obama got in California and praying that he can close the gap.

Oh yes he can.

The sad thing is, I realized too late that the Washington State caucauses will be this weekend, while I'm in Toronto. Had I realized this sooner, I would have delayed my weekend in Toronto (it's a suburb but who cares) and helped "get out the vote" in Wa State. I then looked at other areas and saw that the Oregon primary is scheduled the weekend before I get back from Australia. I decided to fly back home earlier and spend the weekend in Oregon.

Don't worry, my whole evening wasn't wasted just on the democrat primary. I also had my personal laptop open, playing poker and my work laptop open, finishing off work. So far I've finished reviewing 2 workplans, 5 brochures (that I then sent to the printer), and 2 briefing notes. And a partridge in a pear tree. When I get in a "zone" of work, I can get a lot done. Sadly, lately I haven't been motivated to work. In my defense I have been attending a lot of meetings and those take up a lot of time. I have to complete meeting summary forms right away (not because it's an order but I'm trying to get staff to do this and must lead by example). People find my meeting summary forms interesting because I get to attend juicy meetings where decisions, controversial or not, get made. These meetings last week were quite entertaining. The great thing about my job is the diversity. I can have my hands in as many pots as I want. Other people aren't so lucky. They only have one file.

Of course, the side effect is being up at 3 am writing briefings, finishing reports while my co-workers with single files are sleeping peacefully.

I used to like Hillary Clinton. But now the more I've gotten to "know" her, the more I don't like her. I can't trust her. She's a chameleon. She'll change her tactics because she wants power more than she wants to help. With Obama, I get the feeling he's doing this because he believes he can affect change.

People are reading too much about this "upset" in Massachusetts. For one thing, given I know "people" (there's no proof they have hearts hence the quotes) there and believe me, that state is full of prick bastards. From baby-making asshole quarterbacks to steroid using baseball players to asshole cops. I'm not surprised it chose something similar in Hillary (not that I believe she's any of those but I'm sure there are similar traits). But that's beside the point. People are saying she had the last laugh given the big endorsements from the Kennedys and Kerry. I say bullshit. Ted Kennedy didn't endorse Obama until A WEEK AGO. As much as 3 weeks ago, Hillary had over a 30% lead. At last check, the lead dwindled to 15%. If you gave him another week he probably would have won. Despite the state, Boston in particular, being full of prick bastards. Also, Kennedy and Kerry weren't stumping for Obama in Massachusetts, they were all over the country.

Why does it seem I can never sleep the night before I'm scheduled to actually be at the office? Gah.

Oh well, tomorrow (or Thursday or whatever) I leave for Toronto. It'll be nice to see one of my best friends. I was supposed to spend NYE there but family came here and I had to cancel. Another perk of this job (must remind myself of the perks so I don't quit due to workload) is that in my travels, I can extend stays in some regions to visit family and friends. I believe I'm in Edmonton so hello Oiler games.

Speaking of the Oilers, along with it being "Super Duper" Tuesday, it was also, salvation day in Edmonton. Katz, owner of Rexall Drug Companies, will now be 100% owner of the Oilers. There was talk that it would only be 70% as some shareholders didn't want to sell but for $22,000.00 per share, I'd be willing to sell you and shares (if I had any). I have no doubt Katz passionately wants to bring the Cup back to Edmonton and build a new arena. I've signed up to become a season ticket holder (the plan is to buy a pair of season tickets and sell most of them off (for cost) so we'd (my sister and I) have guaranteed seats for playoffs. And given Katz isn't a cheap bastard (not to be confused with prick bastards) like the previous owners had become (to their credit, they did buy the team that was in debt and saved them from moving and I thought they were great then they turned into greedy bastards who were just in it for profit and not for success), I really believe there'll be a change in how the Oilers do business. So long as they don't trade Horcoff or Hemsky, it's all good to me.

I'm going to try sleep for a few hours. Thankfully my meeting isn't until 10:30 so I can, in theory, sleep until 9:30 and still get there in time. That leaves me with just over 6 hours of peaceful sleep. And this post, with another following in a few hours, will keep me on track for 365.

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