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Last night was the first night in over a week I had a great night's sleep. Nobody was kicking me, hitting me in the face, puking on me or rendering an arm completely useless by sleeping and drooling on it.

Yep. Family's gone. It was a nice visit. We went to movies, hung out, toured the city, went sledding on Mount Seymour (pics posted on facebook for those that really know me.) As
Mike so eloquently put it, yes there were boogers. But I think 2 year olds are allowed to have them. It's when you hit the double digits that it turns into something you can mock.

I've decided I never want to work again. I want to have a tonne of money so I can spend my days figuring out what I don't want to do that day. I return to work Monday and I just know it's another busy year ahead. I already have one trip planned to Saskatchewan in a few weeks and another to Kelowna a few weeks after that. Who knows where else the world will take me.

Although I do now have a "save the date" for May in Australia and I'm kind of thinking I'll go. A promise is a promise.

Oilers started the year off alright with a win against the Blues last night. Lovely.

I hope everyone survived the holidays in one piece.

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