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If you're looking for me, I finally buckled to pressure and signed up for full tilt poker.

Up until this morning I had this fabulous vacation planned in my mind where I take off for 3 days to Rome before the holidays and be back in time for Christmas shopping and Christmas. With how crazy the weather back east has been, I can't leave my plans in the weather's hands. It would have been nice. Many things would have been nice.

So, as further evidence my job isn't the greatest, I offer you another story. As is customary with most new jobs, there's a probationary period where you're not entitled to benefits, etc. If there's one thing I miss about cushy gov't job it would be the benefits. Sure, it took 6 months to get some of them but after that you're set. In fact, when I left I had the option of pulling my pension and investing it privately. While that type of control would have been nice it would have nullified another benefit. As a former public servant, should I choose to vest my pension as is, upon retirement, I'll be entitled to public service benefits, ie. medical, dental, etc. Something my own private pension wouldn't offer. Something I'd probably need in my 60's.

Anyway, this current job had a three month probation period, after which benefits kick in. IT'S NOW GOING ON TO SIX MONTHS AND STILL NOTHING. I've sent emails, smoke signals, glares that would scare baby Jesus and nothing. I finally sent an email to the head of finance (who is a bigger control freak than yesterday's rambling) and she said, "things have been busy these past 2 months, I'll be sending off the paperwork this week."

That's all well and good but I qualified THREE MONTHS AGO.

The problem with all of this is, I had an eye exam a couple of weeks ago due to breakage of glasses. I had to pay for myself. I'm coming up to my six month checkup with my friendly neighbourhood dentist. I'm actually going to need to buy new glasses soon. Where's the reimbursement? It freakin' pisses me off. I really need to stop falling asleep with my contacts in. This chick has major control issues. She'll google mileage on your travel claim and dock you if you've claimed mileage over and above what it says on mapquest, yahoo or google. Forget the fact you're not taking the shortest route, but the quickest. You'd figure she was too busy for this crap but she'll make the time just to screw you out of a dollar. And it takes her OVER THREE MONTHS to get my benefits going? Maybe if she wasn't too busy being a bitch this would be done by now.

Last month on my way back from Ottawa, because the people who paid for me to go now don't pay for travel changes, I paid for it myself ($53) after my supervisor said our dept would reimburse (it saves them 7 hours of o/t). But no, b*tch decides she's going to question why I'm doing a flight change, what was my original flight arrangement. Excuse me, but if my supervisor signed off on it, she shouldn't be questioning it.

And as simple as adding a colleague's email address to spam filter sounds, in the real world, it isn't possible. So you blog. Vent. Repeat.

And what's up with drunken text messages?

I'm leaning towards a Saturn Vue Hybrid or a Ford Escape Hybrid.

And/or a trip to Rome in February. I've consulted with the jedi council and they've advised that I'm not, in fact, going to hell. phew.

My beloved (tm) Oilers take on the stars tonight. Let's hope for a regulation win!

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