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I had a horrible dream early this morning that my niece died in some horrible crash. I don't call car "accidents" accidents. I woke up bawling my eyes out then I called my sister to talk to my niece just to get over it was just a dream.

Now my sister's freaking because my parents are going there this weekend to pick up the kids and bring them here for the holidays and she doesn't want lil bear on the road.

And as further proof this holiday season is all about me, I bought myself more Christmas presents. If you'll remember last summer my car was broken into and my luggage stolen, I lost a DMB t-shirt from the concert I went to in Toronto in 2005. It was my favourite DMB t-shirt, ever, so it was heartbreaking. Imagine my surprise when I saw it for sale on their website for $5.00! Last time I checked it wasn't even on the site!! It's a large but it'll shrink down to a medium if I was it in hot water and leave it in the dryer too long.

I've been sending text messages to a friend, convincing her to run in the next federal election. I think she can win, and I know she'll hire me as part of her staff.

I think that was the first ever bad dream I've ever had in this bed. But I think it's because I fell asleep after watching

I should go back to watching That 70's Show before bedtime. Less traumatizing.

More Best of 2007:

1. Oilers beating the Canucks in a shootout 1-0 here in Vancouver.

2. The Bourne Ultimatum.

3. Dave Matthews Band at The Gorge.

4. Las Vegas in February.

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