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I'm not doing a very good job with this Christmas shopping stuff.

For example, I went out this weekend and bought only one gift.

I went out yesterday and bought one gift for my niece and two gifts for me. At this rate I'll be handing out cash on Christmas morning.

The upside is I did help my sister get two of her gifts. For me.

Since I got a king-sized bed, I bought a couple of sheet sets but no new blanket for it. It wasn't needed because I can just use my old duvet. However, with family coming down there'll be more than one person in my bed fighting for covers. My sister had been agonizing over what to get me and she said, "I'll send you the money for the duvet and it'll be our gift to you." So I said that I'd just have to buy the duvet cover and she was all, "No, we'll get that too and that'll be the kids' gift to you." I have to say the kids have excellent taste in colour. They bought me Oilers blue.

I went to a jewellery store to pick out a necklace for my niece and saw this wicked Movado watch and because the jeweller knows me, and even though they're not going to be having a sale on the watches boxing day, said that she would give me a 25% discount. I stood there for 20 minutes contemplating the need/want of another watch. I have 4 watches right now and I've only worn 1 the past 2 years. A 5th watch would just add to the confusion. It was a sweet watch though. My friend said that she'd kick in some money for it as her Christmas gift to me but I kept thinking, "LCD TV". For the price of the watch I could buy a flat panel after Christmas. I don't have 4 flat panel.

Came close to getting it though. Still might. It's a very nice watch.

My beloved (tm) Oilers lost in a shootout finally last night. I saw it coming though. People kept talking about it and it jinxes my boys.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a couple of pillows and another sheet set - if I could find copper-like colours or silver - it'd be sweet.

I'm trying to remember where I saw it, but there's a store somewhere that puts pictures on blankets. If I could just find it again, I want to bring in a picture of the Oilers.

Tad obsessed, much?

I have to go into the office today. Fun stuff! The obsessive b*tch is finally doing my paperwork for benefits. Oddly enough, after I posted the jig is up for another appointment with my neighbourhood dentist, my dentist's office called yesterday wanting to set up an appointment! Remind me I have a dentist appointment on January 8, at 9:45 am. Thanks.

I think if you email someone 20 questions to answer, they're legally obligated to answer. :)

Some reflections on 2007:

1. Leaving my cushy government job was the best thing I did in 2007. While I miss some of the people, the salary, the benefits, the no requirement to think, the easy commute, I don't miss some of the people and the no requirement to think.

2. Ryan Smyth being traded was completely and utterly devastating but I think I handled it pretty well even though whenever I see highlights from Avs games I get this pain in my heart that just won't go away.

3. I'm not as moral as I always thought I was. It's troubling and it's still something I'm working through. A friend tells me I'm not going to hell and that God is the only one that can grant salvation and I shouldn't be deciding for him where I'll spend eternity.

4. This bed is the singlest best purchase of 2007. Followed closely by the Bose IPod Sound Dock. Because this bed, is in fact very big, I have the sound dock on the bed at night so I can flick through songs and create playlists to fall asleep to.

5. These are the mountains my plane would have gone down in earlier this month.

6. Snow Patrol's "Signal Fire" was one of the best songs of 2007.

7. Stardust and Gone Baby Gone were the two best movies of 2007.

More later.

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