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I have entirely too much time on my hands. After running things through my head during the Oilers game (they lost and I blame my friend, James), I found my old journal, found an old address and found a phone number and like a typical stalker girl, sent a friend off to investigate.

I need to use my research skills for good, not evil, and am glad I return to work on Monday.

People can become emotionally attached to their digital devices, ie. blackberry. For these past two weeks, I was worried I'd still carry mine everywhere, "in case of emergency". I'm happy to report the battery died and I didn't even notice until yesterday during a bout of boredom. I couldn't even find where I left the recharger. My work laptop has been collecting dust in the closet.

Speaking of rechargers, my niece stole my usb port for my iPod. After I downloaded Lifehouse's song, I wanted to throw it on my iPod to listen to at night and couldn't find it anywhere. I texted my sister to ask if Grace had two usb ports in her luggage. Grace called saying she's sorry. I asked her what else she stole of mine. She's turning out a lot like her Mom.

Re: the "research/stalking". If I'm going to return to Australia, I'm looking into past friends to maybe stop in on and visiting for a day or two.

I CANNOT stand Gloria on the Young & the Restless. Why can't they just kill off her annoying character or send her back to the trailer park she so richly deserves. I'm also tired with this whole "Vicki" in a coma storyline, how they're treating Jack, and when will they learn that Nick is NOT the father of baby Summer?

Yeah, I'm thinking I really need to return to work soon.

What's up with Chuck Norris supporting Mike Huckabee??

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