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I have to stop wanting things I can't have.

I've realized I've downloaded more music "legally" than otherwise last year after reviewing my iTunes email receipts. I haven't opened up limewire in a longtime. Maybe the older I get, the more money I have, the more cavalier I can be? Or maybe it's because I want to "support" artists I actually like.

Who knows.

I decided to do another post while watching the Oilers lose (currently, they can still come back and win) in the first period of this game.

I'm still waiting for my DMB order, dammit. It was shipped on the 20th. How long does it take?!?!

The great thing about this new TV is the quality of picture you can get and how magnificent the whole process is. The bad thing is when the Oilers are losing, it's crystal clear.

Currently listening to Lifehouse's "From Where You Are"

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