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So, I finally found a Nintendo Wii for my brother's kids for Christmas so I'll be shipping it out to them asap.

Today is the first Saturday in 3 weeks that I was able to sleep in and not work. So, I woke up early and went shopping. I saw in a flyer for a store that they had Wii's for $269.99 while quantities last so at 9 am I was at the store to see if they had any quantities.

The store was, superstore, combination of grocery, electronics, clothes, kitchenware, toys, etc.

In the electronics department they had the Wii's behind they counter along with the Xbox 360's and the PS3's. And the electronics department has security of it's own so you can't really take anything unless it's been paid for.

I paid for the toy in the electronics department and then went grocery shopping.

When going through checkout the cashier said, "You have to show me your proof of purpose for those." I said, "No, I don't." so she said she's calling her supervisor and I told her to go right ahead. That if she truly knew how her store was set-up she'd know you can't walk out of electronics without paying for stuff.

So, she rang up my sales and I packed up my groceries and then another cashier came over and asked to see my receipt. She made a mistake.

If there's something that really gets me irritated is people telling me what I'm allowed/not allowed to do. "You're not allowed to go through checkout without showing your receipt if she asks." "I'm allowed to do what I want. I don't need the permission of a cashier." "If she asks you must show her." "I don't need a lecture from you on what I can do."

She didn't understand the logic behind me being an adult female of alleged sound mind that has free will. It was beyond her comprehension. So she asks to see my receipt and I ask her if she's the supervisor and she isn't as her tag says, "cashier" too so I know she's full of shit and point that out. I also tell her I don't appreciate being treated like a thief and she goes on and says that isn't what she's doing and I tell her the hypocrisy of her statement.

After it's all over, she tells me to have a nice day and I tell her that she really needs lessons in how to drip with sarcasm because she can't pull it off.

I've been to stores before where cashiers can be bitches. And it's always in discount stores. One time I was buying goods for a feast and my oldest niece was with me when the cashier was giving major attitude. I never want my nieces and nephews to believe it's okay for someone to treat them like shit. It happens all the time in small towns where there's still redneck people.

I'm off to a friend's tonight for poker.

So the Oilers should win tonight.

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