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This is something I'm just going to type here. No discussions. No e-mails. Nothing.

I'm still silently freaking out a bit but nobody will know but blog readers. If there are still any. heh.

And yes, I realize that some of you are "friends". But this shall never be discussed.

I woke up a couple of days ago and couldn't see out of my right eye. I mean I could see outlines of things on my wall but couldn't make them out.

I've seen them all a million times before so I knew what was on it.

My old 2006 Dave Matthews calendar opened to the last page.

A post my Dad gave me of Chiefs from my Nation.

A paddle my Mom carved.

A picture I received from being a member of the Dave Matthews Band fan club.

My identification badge from the Liberal Leadership Convention.

I could barely make out the outline. Not sure if I was just imagining seeing it because my mind's eye - or whatever - wanted to see it.

It took awhile to clue in that everything was a blur.

I mean I just woke up. Everything should be blurry.

So I closed my left eye. Just blackness. Or whatever.

Closed my right eye. Saw everything I was supposed to see.

I frantically started rubbing my right eye. I mean I have been sick with a runny nose, on medication. Could be a side effect. Maybe I was still half asleep.

Within a couple of minutes I could see.

But it's been silently freaking me out.

Is blindness hereditary?

My Great-Grandmother was blind.

I already wear glasses. I'd always assumed it was because I really strained my eyes reading in the middle of the night.

I need to see an optometrist anyway so this is just motivation.

I'm hoping it's all in my imagination.

There's still too much I want to see.

I'm probably over-reacting.

But what kind of reaction would you have if it happened to you?

Yeah, I'm over-reacting.

It's probably nothing.

I've been just really busy and stressed.

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