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I was told once by an elder that I'm surrounded by my ancestors. She told me that she never saw so many "helpers" before and that they keep me from doing things that are wrong.

I have had plenty of opportunity to do the wrong thing. Who hasn't. Yet I never do. Not on big things that involve breaking a commandment, even though I haven't been to Church in 6 months.

However, for all I know she was blowing smoke up my ass and I use that as a crutch to be more moral conscience when all other determining factors fails.

Or maybe I haven't been given the right temptation to cast it all away.

Truth is, I very rarely see the universe in grey. Everything's always black and white with varying shades of both just to make life interesting.

I can't wait to get home. I've been away too long. And although all of these trips are work related, I feel like I haven't actually done any work for weeks.

Maybe it has to do with working from home too. I don't have that connection to the office. I can't get up from my desk and go to another office and shoot the shit with co-workers.

If you're ever in Toronto, I recommend staying at Westin Harbour Castle. I flew in on Saturday afternoon and stayed at a friend's for one night and moved down here for meetings up until today.

There was the whole Hockey Hall of Fame induction and guess where the inductees stayed? Yep. Here.

On the elevator on my way to meet a friend there was this smokin' hot guy carrying an NHLPA bag with him so I said, "were you here for the Hall of Fame" stuf and he replied "no" so I said, "I guess you're here for the game tonight." and he said, "Yes, I am." I said, "Can you score me some tickets?" and at this point I realize I sound like a puck bunny even though I just want to see the Leafs/Habs game and missed an auction on e-bay because I was having lunch. He laughed and said "sorry he can't." I think asked him his name since I didn't recognize him, and honestly unless you're an Oiler, or unfortunately a canuck" I probably won't recognize you without a helmet and he said his name was Roman Hamrlik and at that time he was probably worried I'd go all Misery on his ass and I said, "Cool." and when it was time to get off the elevator - I mean leave it - I said, "Good luck tonight" and then went out to dinner and a movie since I couldn't score tickets and came back to catch the third period and then overtime and saw the Habs won and that made me happy for Hamrlik and sad because I wasn't there as it looked like a great game.

Oh well.

At poker on Saturday night there was a tournament with 5 tables, 6 people at each table and I don't play poker at all except on my iPod and I'm not the most patient person so I knew I wouldn't last but I didn't care because the Oilers were playing the Flames and the game started at 10 pm est so I told all the people at my table, "Just before 10, I'm going all in regardless of what's in my hand because I'm not missing the game." and they didn't have a TV set up in the basement yet. So, not long before 10 pm this chick decided to go all in thinking I would go all in and take all my money. Of course, I looked at my watch and went all in and she was all giddy thinking she was knocking me out of the tournament but boo yah I had pocket aces. On the flop there were two jacks and on the river it was an ace so that gave me a full house. Knocked her the eff out. Life was good. After that I didn't give a crap and played a bit and went all in again and lost and watched the Oilers win and life is good.

I like Toronto. It has a very metropolitan feel to it that you don't get in Vancouver. It's a nice city, they have a better arena, despite having a crappy team. I just don't know if I'd ever live here because it's freakin' freezing.

I do know, though, that should the Oilers ever play here I'm coming and despite having friends that live here I'm going to stay at the Westin because that's when I'll turn all puck bunny.

I have an early flight tomorrow - 9 am - so I can catch the Oilers game tomorrow night. I'll be tired as all get out but that's what hockey fans do.

I think - hope even - that I don't have any trips in the near future because I would like to stay in one time zone for longer than a couple of days at a time.

Although I hear Ottawa's nice in January.

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