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Freakin' iPod. For some reason it doesn't recognize time zone changes EVEN THOUGH I CHANGED THE TIME.

It's woken me up an hour earlier than it was supposed to and even though I have my blackberry set to wake me up at the correct time, once the music started playing I couldn't go back to sleep as somewhere in my brain I'm thinking I won't wake up when the blackberry goes off and I'll miss my flight.

So I'm writing a lame blog post. Boo yah.

I was so freakin' tired from my trip and the long day on Wednesday that I fell alseep right after watching Scrubs on Thursday which may seem late but I was watching the eastern time zone Scrubs and the time was only 7 pm. My sister phoned me at 8 something, first my cell then my landline. When she said, "were you still sleeping" I took that as, "you're late for work and you're still sleeping?" so I jumped out of bed asking her what time it is and crap I'm late for work. And she said, no, no, no. I didn't know you'd be sleeping so early blah blah blah it's just 8 something. I said is it Thursday or Friday? 8 am or pm? and she's all laughing because I'm panicking and told me to go back to sleep it's just Thursday night, sorry for calling and waking me up. Then I went right back to sleep.

I wish I chose an earlier flight now. Namely the one that least in an hour and a half because at least that flight has in-seat video and not the overhead thing the one I'm taking has. F*ckers. I was able to watch Transformers on the way to Ottawa and it was a pretty decent movie.

I haven't done the online check-in yet because I'm hoping that the bonehead who is supposed to sit beside me moves to a different seat so I can lay done and sleep. If they don't I'm going to be forced to move all the way to the back of the plane and I really don't want to do that.

The weather's supposed to be okay temperature wise and it better stick to that schedule as I'm not bringing a warm jacket at all and I'll be severely ticked off if it snows.

I have enough airmiles to fly somewhere free in Canada. But I'm saving that up so I can fly somewhere free first class.

I'm still debating the whole trip to Los Angeles in a few weeks. I may just say eff it and go by myself. People have had a year to get their passport issues straightened out.

I need a medium-sized suitcase. I have a small one and I've become quite good at shoving a whole lot of crap in there but I really wouldn't mind a medium-sized one so things don't get squished so much.

I always bring my runners and gym clothes because whenever I leave I think, "yeah I'll go to the hotel's gym" and then only go once during my entire stay and feel guilty so I'm blogging about it to actually do it this time. I saw photos online of the hotel's gym and it looks better than the one I go to here so I have to check it out.

I'm going to be at a texas hold'em poker tonight and I know for a fact I'm losing money.

I'm glad I didn't waste the $200+ on Colorado tickets last night to see my baby daddy lose against the f*cken' nucks so that I can save it and see my beloved (tm) Oilers lose against them on Wednesday when I return.

Now that I work from home, I have to schedule appointments with IT to fix things with my computer. They put restrictive rights on programs you can add to your computer so I can't add a printer and therefore cannot print anything off. Which makes it a clusterf*ck because I then have to keep my personal laptop on as it allowed me to add the software to it and I have to email things to myself to print it out, blah blah blah. The IT dude was going to sadistically have me go into the office Wednesday afternoon after waking up freakin' early to catch my early morning flight back here and I guilted him into fixing the problem on Thursday/Friday.

I've had only one day off work in two weeks. By the time this week is over it'll be two days off in three weeks.

No wonder I have bags under my eyes.

My alarm just went off. Time to get up.

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