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So, I flew to Calgary and drove to Edmonton and watched the game and drove back to Calgary and slept for an hour then went to the airport and caught a plane at 6 am to get back to Vancouver at 6:30 and catch another plane at 7:30 to make it to a meeting by 10 am after a 2 hour flight.


I came back here on Sunday. I figured cool. I'll have 2 solid weeks at home. I don't have to leave to back east until next Saturday.

No such luck.

I'm working from home 3/4 of my time, which means no long assed commutes which means woohoo for me but I find myself working longer hours as there's nobody around to say, "See you tomorrow".

Oh well. I don't have to get dressed.

Anyway, that's not even the point.

The point is, I get a call Monday saying, "I need you to go to Ottawa on Monday." okay.

Problem is, I'm going back east the following Saturday.

Basically I fly to Ottawa Monday, fly back Wednesday night, here for two days then fly back out on Saturday.

A sane person would just stay there, right?

Well I'm not sane and here's why.

There's a hockey game that Friday that I'm going to.

Otherwise I would just stay.

And I don't mind all these trips at all.

What I do mind is waiting a month for my travel claims to be reimbursed.

That's seriously interfering with my hockey games.

And, instead of staying a few days back east to hang out with friends and family, I'm coming right back because

You guessed it.


The Oilers are here on the 14th and they might get their asses handed to them again but by God I'll be there to cheer them on.

I'm buying a new bed.

Some of the hotels I've stayed at have really comfortable beds and they say (consumer reports that is) if you sleep better in hotels than you do at home it's time to get a new bed.

I've been going to stores, resting on mattresses and I found the perfect one. Hopefully it'll be delivered this week so I can enjoy a few days before jetting off.

Oh yeah, I love Raffi Torres so I'm sure he'll be traded soon.

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