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So apparently people lurk and read blogs. Weird that.

I do too, I guess, but I've said before I read all the blogs on my blogroll.

So, after a few nights on my very comfortable bed back home, I spent last night on a very uncomfortable bed in comparison and didn't get much sleep.

After being awake at 5:30 in the morning to pack since I was too lazy to pack the night before.

Then the mad rush to the airport at 6:50 to be there the requisite hour before the flight because last time I checked the plane it was pretty packed and I wanted to make sure they didn't give my window seat away so I'm sitting in the middle seat and not being very comfortable.

Then it was the mad rush to find parking close to the airport to run to luggage drop-off.

Thankfully the flight wasn't as packed as it usually is and there was a space between myself and the chick in the aisle seat so I could sleep.

But this hotel bed isn't as comfortable as mine back home.

I couldn't sleep well last night and this hotel doesn't have as many channels as my TV does back home. And I don't have my iPod sound dock here to listen to music to fall asleep.

Maybe I'm getting tired of travelling.

Word on the street was I'd have to be back here in a couple of weeks but I politely declined. Hopefully I won't be back until January/February. Better yet, March/April. Sometime when it isn't cold.

Don't get me wrong. Ottawa is a very nice city. I love that people switch back between French and English so easily in a conversation. If I lived here I might be able to do something like that. But I miss my bed, I miss my life. Even if the life I have can be boring. I want to be able to have 2 weeks being back home without having to constantly pack and unpack.

I can't wait until Christmas. Our office, thank Jesus, is giving us two weeks paid leave off during the holidays and I have a countdown clock in my head of that time in the not-too-distant future.

I worked Saturday. I'll be working this Sunday and Monday, which is supposed to be a holiday!

To boot my flight doesn't leave until 8 pm tomorrow night so I won't be back home until at least 10:40 as it takes forever for luggage and the long-assed walk back to my car.

THEN I have to still be up early and go to the office even though my body will still be on eastern standard time to make sure my travel claims are submitted for all these trips because I'm tired of carrying balances on my credit card because finance only accepts claims twice a month. In that regard, I miss my old cushy government job. They had staff dedicated to just processing travel claims.

Maybe next time, if time permits, I can meet people in this fair city for drinks. I have some friends that moved here. I have family that lives here. I was hoping to check out the Sens game tonight against the Leafs but apparently it's a bit of a drive and since I'll be spending most of tomorrow working, I didn't want to spend tonight in traffic. Not to mention the meeting ran later than it was supposed to. I hate that. PLEASE STICK TO THE TIMELINE ON THE AGENDA!

I'm babbling. My mind is jumbled.

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