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I'm back in Vancouver, bitches.

As crappy and expensive and rude and stupid people in this city are, it's good to be home. Even if it's just for two more days.

I'm so freakin' tired though.

The plane, technically landed at 10:30 pm last night but I didn't get home for another hour and change because it took 15 minutes parked at a gate waiting for the extension to be brought out then there were 10 other planes that landed so there was a heck of a lot of luggage.

It also means I've been up since 4:00 am BC time and I didn't get to sleep until 2:00 am BC time and had to be up for work by 7:00 am this morning and I just want to sleep.

About an incident in Ottawa that I said I'd blog about.

The meetings I attend are national meetings. There are representatives from every province and territory. I've met some of the teams at various meetings and we're all pretty comfortable around each other.

This one guy is in a wheelchair. Don't know the story but don't care either. I mean it is what it is. Actually, a girl I went to high school with was in an accident that rendered her paralyzed. I was in classes with her brother, who was a good friend of mine, and I was shocked at how he treated her and how mean he could be. And he said, "is it because she's in a wheelchair because I'm sure your brothers are just as mean to you." which changed my opinion. Everyone suffers from some handicap in life, some are just more visible, doesn't mean we have to treat them differently.

Anyway, if his handicap weren't an issue, I wouldn't have brought it up in relation to my story. We decided to all go out to dinner one night and we walked to the restaurant and decided to cab it back to the hotel. The restaurant wasn't handicap accessible, an issue we raised with the owner, so our colleague had to be carried up a flight of stairs at the back of the restaurant which meant it took longer. So, we called a cab to get back to the hotel and when it came, we waited out front while our colleague was being carried out the back. It obviously took longer and it was freakin' cold in Ottawa and while we were standing outside of the car, the cabbie told us to wait in the van. So we did.

One of the other provincial people, who had wine with her dinner, and I were talking while waiting and then we noticed the cabbie lean in the car then out. THEN we realized he started the metre. So my colleague starts freaking out, "He STARTED THE METRE" etc. And me and my big mouth, I decided to ask him. He admitted he did. He rambled on that it's not his fault he has to wait. I said it's not our friend's fault that the restaurant has no ramp so it's taking longer. He went on that he could just leave us and I told him to go right ahead. He rambled on that he's a public servant and I laughed at that and said so am I. He then asked how would we feel if he just went and had a meal while we waited outside. I said sure, go ahead, but given the precedent you just set, I'll start billing you for my time while I'm waiting and I guarantee I charge more than he does (sounds a bit trampy but you know what I mean).

Then more of our colleagues came out and while the guy was yelling at us I told them, "He's charging us for waiting for ." He then reached in, stopped the metre and said, "no I'm not." and I was all, "Dude, we were just arguing about this. You stopping the metre doesn't change the fact you were in fact charging us for waiting here." And he rambled on for at least 5 minutes trying to lecture me and asked me how it feels to have time wasted while my colleague was setting up his chair in the cab and I was all, "hey, you can stand there and lecture all you want dude, I'm not the one losing money here allegedly wasting valuable time."

I go this cab number.

Now the guys from one of the provinces don't want to cab with me anymore because I'm mean to cab drivers when it totally wasn't me it was another province.

Even going to the airport yesterday even though all our flights left at pretty much the same time, I had to catch a cab ride with someone else and in meetings they're not going to let Alberta and BC sit together because apparently we're too rowdy.

One of the girls from Alberta is pretty cool. She lives in Calgary and stuff and for the first time yesterday she admitted she was an Oilers fan and one of the other people has season tickets to the flamers so we said that she should give them to us and we'll fly to Calgary and watch a game together.

I'm going to win a million dollars in 13 days and if I don't I'm going to be surprised and very, very irritated.

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