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So, the bed was delivered Friday and here's something I'll have to keep in mind next time I go shopping for large items. The display floors are bigger than my room. This bed is freakin' huge!! But I love it. It made watching the Oilers lose on Friday easier and same with Colorado yesterday.

I worked yesterday so HELLO overtime.

My sister tried calling and sending a text and I didn't get it until the 3rd period last night because I was sleeping.

I saw Denzel's new movie, "American Gangster". Have I said yet how much I love Denzel?

The movie was okay.

You want to see a really good flick, check out Gone Baby Gone starring Casey Affleck and directed by Ben Affleck. In fact, two must see movies this year should be Gone Baby Gone and Stardust. The rest of the movies were okay. None stick out like these two do.

I'm off to Ottawa in the morning. Boo hoo.

I need a vacation.

But what I need more are 3 regional trips so my airmiles is enough to get me up to elite status for next year. Seriously. So if you can think of any trips I can take between now and December 31 that don't involve me going to hell, let me know.

I actually looked at a trip to California in December to see the Oilers/Avs play. I'm still thinking about it but this whole stupid passport law thing is cramping my plans. Nobody that loves hockey like I do is interested in the trip.

You know what's funny about people in grad school? They're smart. They know what they're getting into. They know that it's going to be tough, especially the first year. And yet they bitch about it expecting pity. The only person I pity right now is myself for spending $2400 on Oiler tickets and having only seen one of the first 3 games and only going to see one more. That's who I pity.

Oh well. The kids have been to 2 games and they love it. But probably not as much as those sitting around them. The King, all of 2 years old, cheers, "Let's go Oilers!" and has the attention of everyone around him who think it's so cute and they give him gifts and praise him and will remember him when he's the Oilers' captain in 20 years. And whenever they hear Raffi's name they go, "Mom! Did you hear them call Raffi Bear?"

Oh well. I have my big comfortable bed. Seriously. I could lay any which way and I wouldn't have to curl up it's so big.

I told my roommate just to make sure I'm awake by 6 tomorrow to catch my 8 am flight because for the first time in a long time I've been getting more than 5 hours of sleep.

Best. Gift. Ever.

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