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I'm too lazy to go to the casino. Plus travelling in the dark isn't all that much fun and it's already after 9 pm here in Ottawa.

In my year and 4 months I've been working for this organization I don't even know how many times I've been to our nation's capital. And I can tell you how many times I've actually toured this city: once.

And it was more by accident than anything. A friend of mine moved here and we met "downtown" for drinks and appetizers before he had to catch his bus back to the 'burbs.

The past few times I've been here, he's been travelling or the weather sucked and it hasn't been actual, "beer on the patio" weather.

It's now the end of the 2nd period and the Oilers are beating the devils 2-0.

During my last workshop this afternoon I practiced self-affirmation and wrote on a piece of paper sitting on the table, "the Edmonton Oilers will beat the devils tonight." twice. Maybe I was being prophetic and the Oilers will win the game 2-0. We'll know soon enough.

It's a sad, sad state of affairs when I find myself sitting on a bed in a hotel with a plate of Swiss Chalet chicken and the tv set for Desperate Housewives. See, I'm too lazy channel surf and obviously hotels don't have satellite where the menu pops up and you can scroll through until you find a channel you like.

Okay, I just guilted myself into channel surfing after admitting I was watching desperate housewives (it was on after the amazing race) and I found Family Guy. I win.

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