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Apparently the Oilers don't play until tonight. I may listen online since sportsnet ontario will undoubtedly not carry the game.

Have I mentioned I fly back on Tuesday in executive class? The flight back to Vancouver is always longer so it'll be a treat.

Have I mentioned I've been extremely exhausted?

I got back to my room about 7 pm last night, was text messaging and then zonk. Fell asleep. Woke up at 4 this morning, fell back asleep. Then woke up at 7 and figured I should start getting ready for another day. I have to leave here in 15 minutes to get there by 8:30 for the next session.

Remind me to never sign up for another conference without checking the dates. If I had have known this was on the weekend, I probably would have skipped it.

Oh well. Three days of overtime. I thought about using those dates to take three days off and spend it at my sister's but no. I have meetings on the Monday and Tuesday. Well, Tuesday for sure. I might be able to take Monday off.

I even have meetings all day on my birthday! Intense, indepth meetings too!

I thought about going to the casino last night if I couldn't sleep. Haha.

I may go tonight if I suffer from insomnia but I don't see that happening. I love sleeping!

I'll be back here in two weeks. Albeit just for one night at that time. After yet another weekend in Toronto.

Did I mention I'm getting a sort of promotion at work? I'm hoping it comes with a sort of raise. After sitting down and looking at the files I have, I've been wondering why I haven't gone insane. Or maybe I have and just not that self-aware yet.

It's quite easy driving around Ottawa. Of course, it's not as big as Vancouver but it's always a bit tense when you're driving around a new city.

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