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Signs I've been travelling far too much.

In practice, I obviously know where I am most of the time.

However there are those occasions where I'm not entirely sure.

Like waking up in the morning. When I turn over or open my eyes, I know I'm not home. The walls aren't yellow, the TV isn't a flat screen and the bed just doesn't feel like my bed.

So, where am I?

Or else walking through a hotel lobby. As I was doing earlier today. The people behind the counters look the same all over the country. As I passed by the counter I was lost. The people looked exactly like those at hotels in Fredericton and Toronto. I actually had to go through a checklist elimination process to remind myself I was in Ottawa.

Oh well. Two more nights here. And an early flight Tuesday. I actually can't wait to be back home. I kind of regret this trip. I didn't know my parents were thinking of visiting me in Vancouver over what is their long weekend but I wasn't home. Would have been nice to see them.

I get an email approximately every other day from my Dad. It may sound strange given we are close, but my Dad and I rarely talk on the phone. I talk to my Mom everyday. Email seems to be my Dad's way of connecting. In fact, I told him first about my plans of going home for Christmas long before I even mentioned it to Mom on the phone.

Oilers game is starting online. I'm going to watch The Amazing Race on TV, then I'm going to the casino in Gatineau and hope they have a sports bar there that carries NHL centre ice to catch the third period of the game. I suppose I should google that before making the trek. But that'd take the fun out of having an excuse to check out the casino.

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