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I'm falling behind again.

Honestly, the desire to blog is just not there. I'm not angry, bitter, etc. Well, I do get angry. Bitter, not so much. Jaded as ever.

But I have a job I enjoy, friends I actually like spending time with. I'm comfortable with life.

It was a certain someone's birthday the other day and I totally forgot. That's progress, right? The only reason I remembered was because I started reading news online and for some reason the date was supposed to mean something and I was worried I forgot a rugrats' birthday or something and then I clued in.

I have become a bit of a chicken shit when driving. If you've been in a car with me this probably makes you feel better. But when a light turns yellow I'm scared some asshole is going to hit me from behind.

When I'm going through an intersection, I'm scared a car's going to run a light or a stop sign. I'm even scared of people changing lanes.

So, I went car shopping on Saturday. The dealer had no malibu hybrids in stock. Saturn's Vue Hybrid doesn't look appealing to me and there's a 3 -4 month waitlist for a Ford Hybrid. I'm sure there's a Malibu around somewhere but another car doesn't appeal to me right now. I'm leaning towards an Escape Hybrid. I'll have to order a 2009 straight from the factory but it'd be the colour I want and have all the goods I want but it I wouldn't get it until September. And I'd have to put a grand down on it too. I know everyone's all gung ho about foreign cars and I don't understand it. Look at all the shit my poor car's been through and it's still out there doing what it's made to do. You see other cars just crumble under the pressure.


So the tories are planning on running ads in Ontario AT THE PUMP talking about the Liberals' carbon tax plan without knowing exactly what the tax plan is and saying, "the Liberals want to raise taxes." EXCUSE THE EFF ME BUT THE LIBERALS ARE NOT IN POWER. How in High Heaven can they raise taxes when they're not the governing party? And what the hell are the conservatives doing? They say Ontario isn't a good investment and suddenly you have a vehicle plant shutting down and 2600 people out of jobs. That's 2600 mortgage/rent payments, credit cards, bills, car payments, other loans. It then starts branching out and infecting other sectors such as retailers, etc. The simple task of buying groceries, school clothes, paying your kids' tuition all comes into play. And the conservatives are doing nothing. But then nobody else is either. I'm getting fed up. I'd like to watch question period and see questions actually get answered instead of, "13 years of liberal rule". Well, the liberals had to clean up Mulroney's mess and unless we smarten up we're (as in Canadians) are going to have to pay the price.

It's a freakin' joke and I wish voters would look south and realize we're not immune to an economic downfall and we should be taking steps to soften the blow instead of just ranting and raving and creating stupid commercials that'll be playing while you fuel up your car. The conservatives do not know how to govern, they know how to condemn. It's time we condemn them out of government.

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