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I'm home!

I managed to catch all my connecting flights.

It was great flying back from Auckland. It was a crowded plane due to passengers missing their connections on the morning flights due to Sydney being fogged in. Not what you like but you meet interesting people. I wore my Oilers t-shirt on the flight. Good luck charm, so to speak. It doesn't show "Edmonton Oilers" written on it. Rather it's just the flying Oil drop and only a hockey fan would know it. The girl sitting beside me said, "Oilers!" Turns out she's from Edmonton and on her way home after visiting her Mom in Australia.

The lady beside her was from Minnesota via Texas so it was great talking to people who DON'T HAVE ACCENTS.

Sleep was minimal. I rarely sleep on flights, especially crowded ones. It's hard to find a comfortable position.

Made it into LA and had to put up with the joke that is going through customs, claiming your suitcase and then re-checking them. They had a total of 5 border security guards who had to deal with two completely full international flights coming in at the exact same time.

It was a complete joke. Came dangerously close to missing the connection due to being caught in a line.

They really could arrange it better.

Obviously they have to ask questions, duh. But they should separate the lines. Those travelling in on working visas, those vacationing in the US and those that are trying to just make another plane.

It took some people ahead of me 10 minutes to get through the connections. HALF because they didn't bring out all the papers needed WHILE waiting in line. They could have had all the documentation in hand but THAT'S FAR TOO EASY OF A CONCEPT FOR SOME TO GRASP.

It took me 2 seconds. I had a Canadian passport, and a seat on my next flight. No need for retina pictures and finger prints.

Heaven forbid.

Contrast that to Canada Customs. One international flight, one that had just gone through and EVERY SINGLE LANE OPEN. Visitors and tourist lines alike. Just get off the plane, walk up, walk through, grab suitcase out the door, all under 10 minutes. It took over an hour at the yankee one.

What a joke.

But it was great coming home.

The girl from Edmonton was also on my flight to Vancouver. We both agreed we slept more on the flight from LA than the flight to LA.

Oh and Air Canada is a joke. I fly it for work because I can build up my airmiles. After this trip, I'm one short haul trip from being an elite member. The only real benefit to elitism is it gets you access to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges in any airport they have a MPL. Which means free internet, free water and snacks. Since you have to pay for them on flights with Air Canada.

I went from being served lamb to being asked if I want to buy a sandwich on Air Canada. What a difference a flight makes.

I love Air New Zealand. Given the chance, I'll fly them again.

I took a cab home from the airport. I didn't want anyone driving to pick me up in rush hour.

When I got home, I ordered pizza.

My sister pulled up half an hour after I got home with the rugrats.

Early bed last night (10:30 pm) given I was completely and utterly exhausted.

Only to have my niece shake me awake at 6 am this morning with, "Daa-daa? Daa-daa? Wake up, it's morning now." She doesn't even wake up that early at home. Her Mom is getting her dressed for school while she's still half asleep and groggy.

I've been trying to go back to sleep since then but no luck.

My parents should be here mid-afternoon.

I'm thinking of kicking them to the other room. I'm not ready to give up my bed.

Even though I was woken up too early, it was a good night's sleep, being able to sleep in my own bed.

I feel jetlag setting in. But it's Friday and we're going to see Prince Caspian today, probably Playland tomorrow and who knows what on Sunday.

They all loved the gifts I brought back.

I need to get my photos printed for a photo album. A couple of them I'm getting framed.

Jodie and I went to the Freemantle Markets and saw all these nice pictures and I realized despite all the shitty pictures I've taken, there were a couple of really nice ones so why should I buy these pictures when I can just frame one of my own.

Might look at vehicles this weekend. Might buy a new laptop and iPod.

Who knows.

I just know I have to phone Revenue Canada to ask why I haven't received my tax refund when I filed 5 weeks ago. Boneheads. I need that to pay off my visa. I haven't had to pay interest charges in forever and I don't want to start now.

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