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Today was my first official day back at work. I spent the morning reading and replying to emails, late morning returning phone calls and the afternoon stuffing folders and putting them in bags. Because that's what they pay me the little bucks for.

Actually, I didn't have to stuff folders or bags, I went anyway so I can see co-workers and catch up before the madness of the rest of the week hits. We're in major meetings from Wed - Fri. I totally forgot I was supposed to pick a friend up at the airport. Thankfully he sent a text before he boarded his flight saying he'll take a cab because he would have had to anyway. I do have to pick him up for an early breakfast tomorrow so we can catch up.

Should be an interesting couple of days.

My sister totally cleaned up on her trip here. She took my spare TV and my "old" laptop.

I think yesterday was my "jet lag" day. After everyone left, I was in and out of consciousness throughout the day, waking up occasionally to answer the phone or reply to a text message.

Despite loathing most mainstream news networks, I was watching CNN earlier and heard the sad news about Ted Kennedy. Say what you will about the man, but he has worked hard for marginalized segments of the population. People who couldn't fight for themselves. While the prognosis doesn't look good, there's always hope. And he's in my prayers. I hope he'll be in everyone's positive thoughts.

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