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I bought a new laptop. The difference in weight is astounding. My sister thought I was full of crap when I told her mine was significantly heavier and with the amount of travelling I do, it's better to go light. And the battery power is a big issue as well. I had my new laptop on "best power" all day and just finally plugged it in to be recharged.

I've been spending the better part of the night copying files over. I know there's an easier way to do it but why go with easy?

My new laptop is a sleek new black macbook, 250 gb, 2 gb ram, etc. It's a sweet thing. I totally love it.

It cost a fair bit, I'm not going to lie, especially with the extended warranty. But it's sweet. And I figure I deserve to treat myself to something - 3 week vacation notwithstanding. It's probably a waste of money to some but I don't buy $500 jeans, drive a $30,000 car, spend money on things that could be deemed extravagant so if I want to blow my money on a new laptop then so be it. Now I'll be the envy at departure gates while waiting for flights because I doubt there's a machine sweeter. Well maybe the Macbook Air but that wouldn't suit any of my purposes for owning a laptop.

Familia's all leaving tomorrow. Was nice having them around but it will also nice to have my time to myself now. I haven't seen any friends or done anything that I've wanted to do - laptop purchase aside - since I returned home. Like had a good night's sleep.

Until this laptop is paid off, my purchases are going to be minimal, aside from paying bills and buying the basic necessities. I figure if I budget correctly the vacation and the laptop should be paid off in less than 2 months. Then I can look at buying a new vehicle.

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