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I'm going to Ottawa and Wisconsin. I'm not going to Ottawa and Wisconsin. I might be going to Ottawa and Wisconsin. Am I going to Ottawa and Wisconsin? Am I going to Ottawa or Wisconsin? I'm going to Wisconsin but not Ottawa.

That was my day of emails yesterday. First I'm going. Then I'm not going. Then I'm probably going.

They hired another person at another office that we work closely with. He's supposed to be taking over all the national files. Some people met with him two weeks ago to brief him on everything. He said that he'd be doing blah blah blah. He was supposed to do them before the meetings this week. And he hasn't. So everything is up in the air. And it's as confusing as heck.

So, I'll find out today on what's going on. Maybe. I either fly out to Ottawa on Sunday or I fly to Wisconsin on Wednesday, or I do both, or I do neither. I'm happy doing neither. That'd be my favourite option.

Because Sex & the City opens on Friday and I'd rather watch it here than there and I'd rather be home on a Friday than travelling home on a Saturday. And I'd rather not be travelling on a Sunday.

I like being home! I wish this jerk would respond to emails. Someone has to attend these meetings and it's supposed to be him. It was the whole purpose of hiring him. He's supposed to ease my workload so I can focus on something else.

This is pissing me off.

More meetings today. I remember why I hated working downtown. Traffic is crazy there. It takes forever to get from A to B. I'm glad I can work from home. The commute is the best I've ever had.

Not sure if I'm seeing the Indiana movie. I'd rather sleep. It's been an exhausting week.

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