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I had a crying fit tonight. A combination of frustration over this illness, being alone, feeling helpless.

It happened, ironically, because I was having problems with the satellite receiver. We were working on it for an hour and nothing. I actually had my brother-in-law call for me since I wasn't feeling well enough to wait on hold for 20 minutes. Then I called and the dude was rude. He started giving me attitude from the second I got on the phone.

In my defense, I AM SICK. So I don't sound friendly right off the bat. I said as much from the beginning of the conversation.

So when he asked me to click on "option 6" and I did and he gave no further instructions I said, "and now what?" and he said, "Don't give me attitude!" and I'm like "huh?" Dude, you haven't even begun to see attitude. He then told me to hang up. AFTER I was on hold for 20 minutes just to talk to him. I told him I wouldn't, that I'd rather he just pass me off to another customer service representative. He wouldn't. I asked to talk to a supervisor. He wouldn't let me. But he would take detailed notes of everything I said including, "SORRY for hurting your fragile fucking feelings but don't mistaken tone for anger when someone's sick". I was entirely sarcastic during the first part and entirely honest for the second.

I thought he hung up on me. Instead he put me on hold. Then he picked up. And proceeded to still take notes. I asked for his employee ID number. He gave it. I already had his name.

By then I realized if I didn't hang up, the problem wouldn't get resolved because he's not helping. I then asked if he was making fun of me. He said, "no" in a sarcastic tone. I called him a jerk and hung up and started crying. My sister was on my other phone and she heard me. I told her I had to go and bawled like a baby for 10 minutes.

Now, there are people a short drive away who would glady come and buy me things that I need to survive without having to leave the house. I know this. I just don't like asking.

But I felt alone. And hopeless. And not because of this stupid satellite but because of things going on I won't blog about and have no control over. And it's why I know this illness isn't going away. It's too much stress.

I've run out of beverages to drink. I was going to get some tonight but with the satellite problems I was waiting to resolve that. By the time it was resolved I just didn't have the energy.

Suffice it to say, I'm calling a friend that works at Bell tomorrow as we're all thinking of switching satellite companies. If this is the type of customer service you get from Starchoice why keep giving them $150 a month? Suffice it to say, we're stuck with them here for another month due to the centre ice package but after that we owe them no loyalty. I plan on leaving them, as does my sister.

My brother-in-law told them as much when he phoned them to raise cain over their customer service.

I checked though, Bell has more HD channels and it's time I upgraded my receiver anyway. And if we bundle it with our cellphone service, it's even cheaper.

But I needed a good cry anyway. Hopefully I can start feeling better soon.

Mitch is having a get together at some bar Saturday and I'm supposed to show up. We can both cry in our beer and compare hockey seasons. I just don't know if I'll be well enough by then.

By the way, can someone stop by Safeway for me and pick up the following:

  • lemonade
  • cranberry juice blend
  • strawberry yogurt
  • whole frozen strawberries
  • mini chocolate chips
  • orange juice
  • ginger ale
  • low fat berry flavoured yogurt; and
  • bananas



Reason #1 for not being too upset with the Oil missing the playoffs:


We can unabashedly cheer for the Avs and Ryan Smyth. Their chances are slim but then so were the Oil in 06. Difference is they have Sakic. I also have money on them in Vegas. I think if they win I get $300 or something. Will have to dig out the ticket to find out.

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