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Some people are so far removed from reality that they actually think they control a situation.

It's amazing that despite the situation being not about them, they still try to manipulate the circumstances to appear to be the victims of their own making.

The only true victims in such circumstances are children who were a part of the drama.

The jig is up.

There is a time where the cordial relationship ends.

If you want to involve people in the official capacity, just know that those bases are all covered.

Life is one big chess game.

The great thing about being observant and reading people and saying little is you know their steps, long before they do and you make various plans according to said person's mood.

That's all been done.

The problem is there are very few people that can plan like I do.

And once I release all emotional attachment from a situation and think logically, I am on my game and will guide my team in the proper direction.

My team will not be easily manipulated. My team will call me the second they hear something new and I'll give them guidance and direction.

And in the end if it costs a small fortune to protect those you love, it's money well spent.

But it won't come to that.

Because the jig is up. Your game is over. The time has passed.

Everyone has realized this but you.

But it will be entertaining watching you pretend you have control over a situation you have absolutely no more say in.

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