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The Oilers, my beloved Oilers, have officially been eliminated from the playoffs. :"(

In celebration of their season, I finally bit the bullet - not literally - and signed up for their season ticket seat registry. I highly doubt anyone is giving up their season tickets. My hope is it'll get me into the door when the new arena is built.

I'm still not feeling well. Sleep is abnormal, at best. Which is a bitch, really.

I actually fell asleep ON a conference call this morning. In my defense, I don't snore so nobody knew except me. Also in my defense it was probably only for 5 minutes since some people talk loud.

My niece ran away from home. My parents, sister, and new brother-in-law helped her. My sister's been racking up charges on my credit card. To date, it's about $500. Pennies, maybe but it's a fair bit considering I'm using that card while on vacation in Aussieland. However, I've told her instead of paying off the debt on my card, to use it to buy my niece clothes and other necessities to begin her new life.

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