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For all the grief that some people have given me about my car, this is one of the reasons why I still keep driving it.

Not a scratch. Of course, I'm going to have to get is structurally looked at but what a freak collision. There was a car two cars in front of me turning left, a car between us who was going straight, and me turning left too and I had my signal light on. This car just wasn't paying attention AT ALL. I heard brakes screeching and then BAM hit. It jerked me forward and I had to forcefully push down on my brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of me, something I did successfully.

I'm shaking right now thinking of it. He hit me so hard, the neighbour that lives across the street from us, came out to see what happened outside because it was a very loud thud. I was strapped in my seatbelt really tight and my car automatically shut off for awhile.

I blame this all on my sister's wedding. I went out to pick up the wedding favours that were ready.

Built Ford Tough is freakin' right in this instance.

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