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My old boss called. I think he's having, still, buyers remorse over my resignation. There's a job opening there and he was hinting that he could slide me into the position without posting it.

The pension would be great but at this point in my life I think it would be a huge step back. Maybe in a few years if I wanted to settle down and not lead a semi-nomadic life I'd think about going back to government but despite all this travel and the stress, I do enjoy the work I do. The people I meet are nice and passionate and the files that I currently carry aren't boring.

There's a lot of freedom here. My opinion matters. The only opinion that matters in government is those of head quarters before they give marching orders to regions.


Going to the casino tonight. I keep thinking it's Thursday and it's hugely disappointing when I have to remind myself it's only Wednesday.

I still have to take a
"friend" out for his birthday dinner.

Heck, there are a few people I've been neglecting lately. I've been trying to set up lunch with a friend since December.

There's a good chance I may have to go to Edmonton next week for a day. I'm looking at my schedule and thinking I could fly out Tuesday morning, attend the meeting, go to the Oilers game against the Coyotes and fly back Wednesday morning.

The original plan was to fly out Monday night, attend the meeting, fly back Tuesday night. Until I saw the schedule. If I'm going to be forced to attend a meeting there, I might as well make the most of it and see my boys.

I'm in the office today for meetings. And to fill out paperwork. And pick up my new blackberry. I meant to bring my camera in to take a picture of the awesome views of the ocean this place has but I was late and meetings don't wait.

Although now that the people I was meeting with are late, I'm now early.

Less than 3 weeks until the nightmare that is planning my sister's wedding is over. And then it's Australia.

Remind me I need to file my tax return so I can get a very nice refund.

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