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If she wasn't my sister, I'd probably hate her.

But then, if she wasn't my sister, I probably wouldn't be doing all this shit for her either. I'd let her sink all on her own.

She better be buying me the HD box for my satellite or I'll be pissed. Because I'm not doing this totally out of the goodness of my cold, black heart.

It's astoundingly frightening how few people have common sense.

And how many work in government.

And a couple I work with.

I'd say thank God it's Friday, but really, today's my Wednesday since I'm working tomorrow and Sunday.

And I'm running late to catch a ferry and now I'll probably hit rush hour so I've decided to go later, after the rush hour rush and not stress about such trivial things.

Not like I had plans tonight in Victoria. Not like there's a lot to do there either.

Since I was downtown, I finally took a few extra minutes and went to my favourite tea place and picked up some tea and the fixings to make the tea. I'm packing it up and bringing it with me so I can have a nice harbourview and a nice cup of tea.

I've been so fuckin' busy this week and have pretty much all my days booked up for next week as well and I'm hoping my life doesn't involve meetings from now until the millenia.

Have I said that I may have to delay Australia by about 5 days? Yeah. Some meetings in Ontario for the week I was going to leave.

I don't even know what I blog about anymore.

Useless shit.

Not important things like NAFTA-gate, Cadman-gate, how I've lost any respect I used to have for that clinton chick, how the Oilers got smoked a few days ago, how awesome I am.

One day.

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