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Stardate 2008.03.07

Location: Victoria, BC

Time: Who the fuck knows, who the hell cares.

This job is going to slowly but surely drive me to drink. If it hasn't already.

I've discovered I can't hold my alcohol very well. Not as well as I used to. I could probably, in my glory days, drank anyone of you under the table dreaming.

Now, not so much.

Or maybe that's because I started drinking when I hadn't had ANYTHING TO EAT ALL FREAKIN' DAY BECAUSE IT WAS ONE MEETING AFTER ANOTHER.

Hence this job driving me to drink.

I have no idea what the hell time my meeting is tomorrow/today/whenever but I do know I'll be late because I'm too freakin' tired to care.

I told some "real" friends about this blog. Not this blog per se, they won't be able to find it. But I told them I blogged and it's super secret. They tried plying me with liquor to give up the address but I didn't.

So, my dear young jedis, my secret is still safe.

For now.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold as we're going out for dinner and drinks.

Apparently Victoria has a nice nightlife. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

That's what I said. I mean that's how I laughed.

But they're going to try prove me wrong tomorrow.

I've spell checked this so we'll see if it helped.

I think I'm finally done planning my sister's stupid wedding. Well, wedding. It's not stupid. Marriage is a blessed union before God.

Yeah, I've had wayyyy too much to drink.

I can't wait for a vacation.

I just realized, tonight, that all my co-workers pretty much hang out together and eat, drink and be merry, and I'm not one of them.

Maybe it's because I'm too busy holding them accountable.

I don't think you should be out getting drunk with co-workers. At least not in my position because eventually I'll have to tell them what to do and knowing people personally makes it harder to tell them they're fucking idiots and I'm tired of babysitting.

The room is spinning so I'm going to bed and hope it stops.

Some federal or provincial minister will be at this meeting. I'm hoping it's provincial because if it's federal I may just throw up.

The Oilers won.

And even though I was set to take the 7 pm ferry because the 6 pm ferry was packed, they let me on the 6 pm ferry because I'm just oh so nice.

And I've been drinking since I checked in.

That'll stop in a few minutes because I'm going to bed.

I just checked and the stupid assed meeting starts at 8 am.

Fuck that.

I'll show up at noon and everyone will bow in the presence of greatness.


Not Kanye.

Me, bitches.

If you're in the GVRD next weekend, there's this poker tournament I'm going to and there are still seats available if you want to join. Buy-in is $100.00. 70% of the pot will be for payout.

The end.

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