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You know you're tired when you hear your alarm going off and instead of reaching to turn it off and stop the beeping you just let it beep and fall back asleep, not caring if it wakes anyone else up.

I'm so glad it's Friday. I have a meeting until noon then I'm meeting co-workers at another meeting because I haven't seen them in awhile. Then I'm coming home, hopping in bed and not getting out all weekend.

Things are coming along for my sister's wedding. We're receiving RSVP's back and having to track meal selections.

I realized why my calves hurt. I mean I've run before, I've jogged before and I've never felt the kind of pain I have in my calves like I have. Because this weird weather and my travels to Ottawa happened at the same time, I thought it was because of the intense workouts. Not so. For the first time yesterday, I put on my doc's and realized it's because my boots are so FREAKIN' heavy. For as great as
blundstones are, some are freakin' heavy boots and drag wreak havoc on your legs. I'm not going to wear them for awhile as they're hindering my workout routines. I may go for a deep tissue massage today to get rid of the kinks in my legs. Wait, but that flies in the face of not wanting to get out of bed all weekend.

I still haven't received my iPod in the mail. If I don't get before next Thursday when I'm due to fly off again I'm going to be pissed.

The Oilers take on the Stars tonight. I may order pizza and watch. I had tickets to the game but sold them for cost to some dude who's driving in from Sask to take his son to the game. awww.

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