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It's always strangely disconcerting when you link to a site and the site's owner finds them and calls you out telling you're "afraid". I wouldn't say I'm afraid. I just don't like people. Especially on planes. When I'm flying it's one of the only times I get to try to relax. I don't have to worry about my blackberry going off and suddenly I'm on a rush to finish something before the days end. I can play poker, listen to music and if I'm lucky enough to be flying on a plane with personal tv's, I'll watch movies I didn't want to waste my money seeing in a movie theatre. I don't want to be on a plane having conversations about "what do you do? where you from?" I get that at every new meeting I tend and it's such dry material. I suppose the flip side is you could say, "don't ask these questions" and try be original but who wants to be original at 25000 feet?


I was supposed to make the trek to the office yesterday for a meeting with my boss. We have a set date every Wednesday to review all the files we're working on and delegate some to others in the office. But with all the snow and my crappy tires (have I mentioned that enough?) I decided to work from home.

Maybe I don't portray it enough but I work pretty damn hard. Between all the travel and all the files I have going on, I have difficulties just staying afloat.

There are perks. Nice hotels, a travel budget, meeting high ranking government officials, working from home, working independently with virtually no supervision save for the Wednesday meetings and being able to work in my pajamas.

The not so big perks are with how busy I am. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, go to boot camp and begin my day. I get home at about 7:20 and my work day begins. I've already received at least half a dozen emails from the east that I need to respond to. By about 8:30-9:00 I get emails from our own time zone. I spend half my work life trying to keep up and the other half to get ahead.

But I do get to work in pjs most days. Must remember that's a perk.

Last night I had to get dressed AFTER the work day ended as I was meeting my friend, Mitch at Starbucks (he's a tad obsessed with Starbucks) for tea. I haven't seen Mitch in a long time and when we do meet up, I regret we don't see each other all that much. Going to have to change that. Not just with him but with a lot of friends I don't see enough. An hour passes by quickly and then suddenly he's off to another meeting and I'm off to meet friends for drinks and suddenly I wake up in a strange hotel room looking for my pants.

Here's where I get nice so cover your eyes, it won't last long. When I first met Mitch, he was a bit stressed out about things in life, relationships, etc. Today, he's a totally different person. He looks happy. He smiles more. You can joke with him. He's not looking all around the room, finding something. Because he's already found it. And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Despite him being a Canucks fan, unnecessarily pessimitic to Stephane Dion and a lover of the provincial government, you can overlook the flaws and accept him anyway.

As an aside, we made a bet on the next federal election. Mitch doesn't believe the Liberals have it in them to win. I do. He showed me a list of his (I forget the name of the list) but it's a list of wants. I wrote in said book that I'd buy him something from his list (a new canucks jersey) if the Liberals lose. I'm going to win. Apparently he buys dinner if I win. He's buying dinner.

Today, I'm up early, as usual, but to go downtown for meetings. I'm behind in filling out my meeting summaries. My boss wants to clone me so I can do more work. Like I don't have enough. She meant it in a nice way in that, "we need 10 of you so things would get done correctly!

As an example with how busy I am, I was emailed all the documents to today's meeting and just haven't had a chance to review them. I'll go down there early, skim through them and fake the rest. I'm good at faking. I fake that I care, all the time.

And if Mr. Shankman really wanted me to try out his new site, he can pay for my airfare (flexible fare) to Australia in April and choose who sits beside me. :)

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