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Anyone that knows me knows these things to be self-evident:

1. I will be an Oilers fan until the day I die. Regardless of the fact they'll more than likely miss the playoffs this year. Regardless of the fact they gave CFP away for practically nothing. Regardless of the fact Ryan Smyth is gone from us forever. Regardless of the fact the Oilers are being held hostage by what can only be described as greedy owners. Regardless of the fact I'm stuck in Vancouver for work and my beloved team is 1000 km away. I love them. Always have, always will.

2. Family is the most important thing. Growing up on a reserve where big families mean you're largely ignored because your family is small. We fight, we gripe and sometimes Mom gets caught in the middle of sibling squabbles. I will only ever have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I will only ever have one set of parents. We're probably too close sometimes, too involved in each other's lives. It can sometimes be suffocating. But when the chips are down, when the world seems to be at it's end, they're who you call to help.

3. I have the affinity to be a political junkie. Which basically is the crux of this post. My three passions. I read political blogs daily. The Huffington Post, Matthew Good, CNN blog, liblogs.ca. I don't read right wing neofacist blogs. I know they're out there. I read some during the National Day of Action in June. How we're (First Nations) all beer drinking, daughter fucking, welfare bums. There was a time that I would have been on those sites daily feeding them teaspoons of truth. I just can't be bothered now. I just don't have the time. Regardless of lack of time, I do make the time to follow domestic and foreign politics. The changing of government in Australia was a positive change I hope we emulate here.

I remember watching the Democratic Convention four years ago. When a young Senator from Illinois gave a speech that reminded me of speeches of old. John F. Kennedy's "ask not" speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream". I remember googling the text of his speech. I remember half way through the speech, I called my Mom and told her to watch. For all his faults, and he has some (he's young, some may say inexperienced, etc.) he is a great orator. He gives one hope.

I've always been a fan of Caroline Kennedy. She has handled her very public life with quiet dignity, through the deaths of her Father, Mother and brother, she's been a rock. A lesser person would probably resort to substances for comfort. When I was watching the news Saturday on the North Carolina primaries, they reported she wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times, entitled, A President Like My Father. It was an amazing piece and reminded me of when we lived in a culture of hope.

Then today. Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts, for the first time I can recall, publicly endorsed Senator Obama. I'm attached the video of both speeches below.
It's okay to dream. It's okay to believe. We can change. I hope America does the right thing.

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