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For whatever reason, I've become quite an emotional person lately. Not crying in public or anything but wanting to cry while at home, watching stupid shows, reading blogs, watching videos on youtube.

Maybe it's because I'm regaining faith in people again. I blame that on Barack Obama. For all the flack his campaign is getting for being cult-like and of no substance, you just have to visit his site - something I do pretty much everyday - and see why he's so inspiring.

I always have entertaining trips, I'll give work that. I'm trying to travel more during office hours instead of evening/weekend flights to save on overtime and general lethargy that happens due to extensive travel and early meetings.

I may be late for many things in Vancouver, picking you up for a hockey game, meeting you for dinner, meetings, etc., but I'm always early for flights. There's nothing worse than rushing to the airport at the last minute, trying to get through security and to your gate all sweaty and out of breath and taking the walk of shame to your seat, past everyone glaring at you for holding them up from their all important trip.

Suffice it to say, my wait for the flight at the gate was entertaining.

A colleague of mine has a quote, at the end of her email, that I judge her harshly for. She uses the wrong version of "your". So whenever we're in meetings I can't take her seriously as that's always on my mind.

The Colorado game was awesome last night. I almost took a different flight and stayed for the game but didn't want the hassle of changing flights - in hindsight given my latest adventure I should have - so came here instead. It's -15 right now. BLAH.

I met one of my colleagues at the restaurant and kept her company while she ate and I watched the game and people were cheering for the nucks and when the Avs scored with less than 20 seconds to go I did a one-person wave. And then when they won in overtime I did a one-person repeated wave. Cuz that's how I roll.

Not only am I in freezing temperatures, I have a 2 hour drive ahead of me. I'm sure my blackberry will lose service. Then what am I going to do?

I have a parent-rant coming up. It's slowly brewing. But right now I have to go finish getting ready for this long drive.

The positive is some group in Toronto wants us to present to their organization and pay for the trip and I volunteered and I might get to go.

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