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Last year's trade deadline was brutal for anyone loyal to the Copper & Blue. The day after was worse, seeing Smytty, my beloved mullet manned hunk of hockey greatness, cry at the airport was just a terrible, terrible day.

When the greatest hockey player in the world is traded from the greatest team in the world, anything is possible. You tend to forget that when cheering for your team. Then almost 2 decades after the original trade (can you believe it'll be 20 years since Gretzky was traded come August of this year?) Smytty gets traded and all those old emotions come back up.

Well I knew Colorado wasn't going to trade my beloved so I was safe in having to cheer for yet another team. But then, you never know. He wasn't supposed to be traded last year either.

My favourite Oiler is now Ales Hemsky. When he's on a roll he's a sheer joy to watch. He gets flack for not shooting but he's a play maker. That'd be like getting mad at Gretzky for hanging around the back of the net. Apples/oranges, I know. But I love Hemmer. I think he's totally underrated in this league and once you have the kids Cogs/Samwise, on their A-game, you're going to see why I love Hemsky so much. My worst fear today was Kevin Lowe decides it's time to "rebuild" yet again and trade Hemmer to Lowe as a lover's quarrel make-up for the Penner signing.

It didn't happen because, I think, the pending change in ownership. With Katz coming in, why rock the boat. You'll have all summer to make trades and "rebuild" again.

So no crying this year. I am happy the Avs made some moves to make the final playoff rush. Things are looking good there. Which bodes well for my Avs bet in Las Vegas.

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