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Because of shrewd accounting skills and investments, I'm getting a nice refund this year. And it's all going to my Oz trip.

The problem is I've racked up about $1k in expenses this month, the most I've spent in...forever. I do like my camera though and bridesmaid dresses aren't exactly cheap. My Mom was actually going to pay for mine but I accidentally clicked on "transfer funds from bank account" instead of "pay with credit card" when paying with paypal and it's not like I'm hard up for money to ask for it back.

All of this money management got me to do something I've been lazy to do. File expense claims. I'm owed close to $1000 in expenses so I'm not too worried about spending Ozzie money. It does make me glad I'm going away today or I'd feel obligated to go to the Avs game tonight. They beat the falmes last night. And the Oilers won last night. And the Avs will win tonight. And I won't be there. But it's all okay.

I was going through my personal email, not the gmail, I mean the original email, and ran across some from people that read this blog. She doesn't blog anymore but Outlaw sent a nice one about a blog post that I don't have up anymore so I had to go back and read it and it made me cry. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Dave Matthews concert in Seattle may turn into a reunion.

I have finalized the DJ for my sister's wedding.

The only thing left to do now is the wedding favours.

I finalized the hair appointments as well. I'm going for a trim tomorrow and try keep as much length as possible.

I watched the Dem debate from Ohio last night. What is up with Hillary? She was loud, annoying, shrill even. And I'm not saying that because she's a woman. I'd say that if she had a penis.

I had wireless high speed internet hooked up at my parents' house. My nieces and nephews love it but I am getting a bit tired of the constant phone calls because my parents don't know how to surf the net! "How do we get to our email?" My sister's sent them photos of her wedding dress and I've sent them the dinner menu. It's like pulling teeth. Then we end up yelling at each other in frustration. I swear, I've spent a lot of money first buying them the computer and everything that goes with it then getting the high speed hooked up and it just sits there like a great trophy. Oh well, when I'm there next month I'll be just glad to not have to get on dialup.

Time to get packing for my trip. Let's hope the flight is less dramatic than the last time I flew into this part of BC.

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