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Music today has nothing on music from decades ago. I don't think many lyrics are original today. They're all just a different version of something Patsy, Willie, Joni or Bob did. Not to mention they were much more artistic given they couldn't blatantly sing about some bitch stealing your man or some man stealing your money and cheating on you.

Some days, not even Dave can satisfy my mood. Some days you just want three cigarettes in an ashtray.

Some days you want to listen to Bob tell you how you threw it all away.

Some days not even Dave can satisfy my mood. I can't believe I typed that since there is a time everyday where I break out into lyrics of the band to suit a mood.

My parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary this year.

My parents will never be rich, financially. I won't get a fortune when they die (I hope I go first for selfish reasons because I can't imagine life without them).

But they've done best they could with what they had. I think that's all we can ask as kids.

So for their anniversary I want to do something for them. Make one of their dreams come true. Dreams they sacrificed for their kids, for their family.

Elvis week. Mom's a huge Elvis fan. Always has been. Always will be.

Elvis week happens around the anniversary of his death in August.

I have enough airmiles to send them both to Memphis, Tennessee. So that's what I'm doing.

Because my brothers tend to cheap out, my sister and I will probably have to pick up the costs. The plane tickets will cost about $150 (taxes) and the hotel accommodations about $1400. I've also been in contact with the Memphis tour board for more holiday ideas.

I tried getting them a room at the Elvis Heartbreak Hotel but that's already booked solid. Big duh.

I don't know what the fascination with Elvis is but I suppose on the flipside she doesn't see why I love Dave so much.

We're probably getting a carbon tax today. And I'm okay with that. Even though I think it should be implemented nationally. But then that would mean this current "conservative" government believes in climate change. Heaven forbid they admit that!

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