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r I ordered my dress yesterday. It should be here next week sometime. I hate dresses. Never wear them. Rarely wear them. Although this one, I may shorten it after my sister's wedding and use it to the Oz wedding. Who knows. I hate high heels more than I hate dresses.

I have to be out of here by 8:30 this morning to get to my bank appointment. Which bodes well as I have all my T4's, even though I'm sure the federal government T4 is wrong. I sent a harshly worded email to the comp advisor to see if it can be fixed before I file my taxes or I'm liable to get a smaller refund than I'm supposed to because they're stupid.

I mailed out the wedding invites over a month and a half ago. I gave a deadline for the RSVPs of March 1. We've only had 24 RSVPs returned. What the hell? People are so dense.

I'm not in a good mood, apparently.

I couldn't sleep last night. Not sure why. Too wired up, maybe? Had a staff meeting yesterday and I'm not sure of the fallout. I fly out tomorrow for the north and won't be back until Friday. Not sure if I'm bringing 2 laptops or just one. Perhaps two. Nothing else to do there but play poker and at least the hotel has wireless.

I've become concerned with my spending but I'm hoping today's apt will be a wake up call for me and my ability to start saving and not spending from now on.

One of my Ottawa relatives on facebook wanted to know when I'm going there so we could maybe check out a Sens game. Boo yah. That'd be great! The Sens are my third favourite team, behind the Oil and the Avs.

Today is NHL trading day. I'm gun shy about this day. It's hurt me so much last year with Smytty going to the Isles and me crying into my pillow and he's still not an Oiler and probably never will be and I'm already thinking of when they'll retire his number and me crying uncontrollably. I hate this day. I pray that by the time it's over we still have Horcoff, Torres, Hemsky, Pisani, Gagner, and Cogliano.

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