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I walk funny. I think we all do. Which isn't a problem 90% of the time. But when one is running, it impacts your joints, shins, muscles, etc. I need support by my arches. The runners I had didn't provide said support so it was giving me shin splints and wonky knees. So, I went to a store and picked out a new pair. Hopefully it makes a difference with these stupid classes I'm still signed up for.

I haven't said it lately but it deserves repitition. I have a serious crush on Salma Hayek. If I had to put my crushes in order it'd be:

1. Ryan Smyth;
2. Salma Hayek;
3. Gerard Butler;
4. Ales Hemsky;
etc., etc.
31. Weirdo.

Pictures of Salma like these don't help Ryan Smyth at all in losing his place at top spot:


I have an appointment today with my "financial advisor". I'm hoping she tells me I can go to Australia first class, I can buy a new vehicle (something I'm not entertaining until May), and I can get the blu-rayl

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