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I've survived another week. Even made it to boot camp this morning. Boo yah.

I'm fighting against buying a playstation 3. It has the blu-ray dvd player with it, the price is $399.00. Other blu-rays run over $500.00. It's hard to reign in spending when you have a big vacation coming up. But I have this nice big TV that's just screaming for HD viewing. Lost, Season 3, is on blu-ray. So is 300 and a bunch of other movies. What's a girl to do.

I took yesterday off work and slept and rested. I feel better now. Lack of sleep and travelling across the country can wreak havoc on your brain and thoughts.

I still need to find wedding favours for my sister's wedding. She's totally against the personalized M&M's, which I think is the greatest gift ever. And even though Mom said to get whatever she wanted, my sister is trying not to spend too much money. Uh...hello!

I went to boot camp last night and it was the hardest thing ever as the Oilers game was just going into the second period and they were down 1-0 and it seemed like I hadn't watched them in forever and was starting withdrawals. I got home just in time to watch them win in a shootout. Boo yah.

I have to say, this season of The Apprentice - or Celebrity Apprentice - is pretty good. I was sad to see Gene Simmons go last week as I was certain he was going to win. Now I think it'll be either the Baldwin guy or any one of the guys. It'd be cool if it were the country music guy as he's so quiet. Trace whatever his name is.

Have a meeting in less than an hour. I suppose I should get ready for that. This is one of those fun meetings. Where you know the person doesn't want to meet with you, doesn't want to be accountable to you, but has to. Because it's practically law.

Then I have a teleconference. It's funny when people are implementing new policy, the first thing to go is the collaborative approach. They never want to get feedback on the detrimental affects their policy has. They just want to go straight to implementation. That's going to be a fun conference call.

Sometimes I hate my job. Usually just Fridays because this Friday is the Friday I'd have off work from my old job. I miss flex days. I have enough overtime to take days off but I'm saving those up for my sister's wedding and a trip to Edmonton in March to catch Ryan Smyth.

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