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I'm too hard on people sometimes, and I'm too stubborn. But when I get angry, I shut down and cut communication because I can also be mean and say something that I know I'll regret down the road and if there's one lesson I've learned in life is you can't take things back.

You'd figure I could find a happy medium but I just get fed up. Shutting down is the easiest thing, but I sometimes forget that people need me.

It's a horrible feeling when you know you've made someone you love cry.

I'm a bit at odds right now. If I pay $4000 for my airfare to Australia, I can get a "free" upgrade to executive (read: first) class and fly comfortably, both directions. However, the cheapest fare is $1800 and means sitting in coach.

The last time I flew to Australia, it was via Japan where we had a considerable wait and could stretch and prepare for the next long flight. The flight I want to take is direct to Sydney and is 15 hours long. For $2200 more, you get your own personal pod with meals and all the other perks that come with first class. I'm just not sure if it's worth the $2200 extra. That's a lot of beer. I will be keeping an eye on this airfare and hope it goes down. If it gets to the $3000 range, I'm buying. If you know anyone at Air Canada who can get me an upgrade for free, let me know. The going rate for an executive seat is approximately $11000, so I could always look at like I'm getting a half price discount.

Now I have to go apologize for cutting people out of my life. And I hate apologizing. Almost as much as I hate making people cry.

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