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Over the holidays, I bought five books. I've just finished one. It means I have to read four tomorrow. I shouldn't have started with this book as I couldn't get into it. But you have to finish what you start, right.

I'm still angry with people. That'll stay for a few days. Or forever.

The "aggressively-pursuing" isn't going as I planned. I forgot it was a weekend.

I can't find the charger for my blackberry and I suppose I should get concerned since I start work again Monday.

I have a new cellphone. It's one of those dual-flip phones. After having a blackberry, I prefer typing with a qwerty keyboard rather than pressing on numbers to get to the letter I want. I'm lazy that way.

I want to buy an HD satellite receiver but I also want to go to Australia. $300 equals a lot of beer in Australia and I intend on drinking a lot. But I also want to see some programs in high definition.

Decisions, decisions.

The Oilers won tonight, albeit in overtime. Same with Team Canada. Same with the Seattle Seahawks.

I've decided I don't need counselling. Everyone around me does.

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