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I'm starting to get severely irritated.

I ordered my DMB stuff and it was shipped out on Dec 20. NOTHING YET. We're almost halfway through January and I don't have my calendar. And they can't track my order because it's an "international shipping" order. CANADA IS NOT INTERNATIONAL. I paid extra to have it shipped 6-14 business days and they have one more day to get it to me or I'm asking for a freakin' refund on the shipping costs. I could have driven down to Virginia and returned by now with my goods.

I didn't want to get mad yesterday because it was Dave's 41st birthday and despite these ordering problems, I still love him.

Oil take on the Coyotes tonight. These games are filled with such sweet sorrow because I am always happy and sad to see Wayne Gretzky on TV because he's usually yelling.

I'm off to Regina next weekend and it looks like it'll only be one day of meetings (TG), however if that's the case I'll have to do this roundabout red eye through Toronto to get to Ottawa for a meeting if they don't let my boss participate via videoconference. Fun stuff! Welcome to 2008! Work travel will be worse than 2007.

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