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As I spent all day working on my sister's wedding invitations, printing them out, doing all the girlie things to them like attaching bows, affixing envelopes, return addresses, stamps, RSVPs, I realized how much I do for other people just to AVOID drama. I'm not the maid of honour at this wedding, by the way, I'm just a lowly bridesmaid.

My sister had asked a friend of hers to be the maid of honour and thought that her friend backed out and suddenly it was thrust upon me and then she talked to her friend again, who said she's still going to the wedding, and then I'm demoted.

I can be creative when I want to, which is why people like me doing their wedding invitations. The last wedding I did, it was for 500 invites(!) and it took a lot of time and money. I had just asked for costs back for materials and didn't include my time, which would have put the invites over the top. It was hard enough just recovering costs.

I thought about packing up all the print material and sending all the labels and such to my sister to do and halfway through I realized all the drama involved in just that. She'd be sitting there, doing all of this, feeling overwhelmed and crying and then she's calling Mom then Mom's calling me and it was just easier to waste a day doing that.

Now I'm reading proposals. I have 24 hours to read and grade against criteria 11 proposals. So far I've sort of read and marked two. Not bad. But I still have laundry to do.

I was thinking about family dynamics throughout the day. You'd figure I was the oldest but I'm one of the middle kids. I asked Mom how they could have raised 3 shelfish, self-centred kids and how'd they get lucky with me? Mom laughed and said, "I'd never say this to the others but we lucked out with you." If my sister isn't picking fights with me, she's picking fights with my brother or she's complaining about one of our nieces and nephews.

There's brat #1, my sister; brat #2, our oldest niece, brat #3, my sister's oldest daughter. Brat #1 and 2 had a disagreement. Although brat #2 didn't know it, brat #1 was pissed off with her. So I got to hear all this anger towards brat 2 and I tried defending her because for all her faults, brat 2 is a pretty good kid. Then I had to tell brat 2 that brat 1 was mad at her because brat 2 was going to phone brat 1 and bug her about something and I didn't think it was a good idea.
This morning Mom called and said brats 1 and 2 have since made up and all the world was right again.

Then my brother called me, something he rarely does, and starts an argument with me over stupid stuff and he hangs up on me and for some reason I feel guilty when he's actually being unreasonable.

You'd figure I was born Catholic.

Anyway, the invites are all done. I'm mailing some to my sister so she can mail out, sending some to my Mom for distribution back home and then delivering some myself to people here in vancity.

I think I get an HD satellite receiver out of this so that's all good.

There are rewards for always being the one in the middle. Although it can get a bit much, I have no complaints. I just wish that people weren't so high maintenance.

And I wish someone would come clean up my place. It's a bit messy, it's after midnight, I have a flight in just over 12 hours and I'm not packed. I have gotten a bit smarter though. Instead of packing my winter jacket, I'm carrying it on the plane, just in case.

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