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I am normally not all that jazzed about Fridays. I've been looking forward to this day since Wednesday.

The Oilers lost last night in a game they should have won. Two goal lead and they blow it. BLAH.

As for the weekend, what weekend? Over the past few weeks I should have been reading the 11 proposals forwarded to me for my recommendations and input before Monday's meeting but I just haven't had the time. You know, this past week I was too busy trying to kill myself and I have a tonne of other work to do. Needless to say, I'll be reading them and grading them between now and my flight on Sunday.

I wonder if I could just ditch the binder in Regina after I'm done with it. No sense in carrying it on to Ottawa.

The thing about Ottawa is they always put us up at the hotel near the meeting place. The hotel is far from my favourite (I still prefer the Westin in Toronto as my favourite so far). Thankfully, this time they have us at a different hotel so hopefully the hotel is much more comfortable.

I should start a website on the best hotels in this country. The Hyatt here in Vancouver has always been a favourite but since I now live here, it's not really necessary for me to stay there. The Sutton Place has some of the friendliest people working there as well. My Dad stays there when he's in town for meetings (he's not a morning person so he doesn't stay with me).

I was at a meeting yesterday with my former colleagues. I find the dynamics interesting now. We used to work together and many are very into the "hierarchy" of government. I wasn't. I'd talk to anyone in the office no matter their level. Unless they were a$$holes, of which there is an abundance.

Now at meetings, they treat me different as I'm privy to more information than they are given my current position. I know when programs are changing long before they do. Some try call me now, even though they wouldn't say boo to me at the office when I worked there, to see how I'm doing and "what's new". Honestly, I can't be bothered with them. Obviously I have to make small talk and be "nice" and play the "game" but silently I'll be waiting to hang up or walk away.

Have I said yet here that I'm going to Australia? Have I mentioned that lately? Man, I can't wait. Three weeks in glorious Australia. I'm meeting an old friend there and going to a friend's wedding and spend more time actually visiting sites instead of drinking beer and telling stories and creating new stories in bars this time. Maybe this time I'll spend more money on touring Australia instead of drinking. Seriously. Last trip was spent drinking far too much.

I am in dire need of a massage so if you know anyone that's good at giving them, pass them my way. I have a massage appointment set for a spa in 3 weeks with a friend of mine to "reward" ourselves for going hard for a month but I don't think I can wait a month.

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