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Yeah, it's confirmed. They sit me next to the weirdest people on my flights. This guy just wouldn't stop picking at his face. Be it his nose or his teeth. And he was a businessman. I was tempted to check his blackberry email and send him one anonymously advising him that it is rude to be doing that in public.

It's freakin' freezing here in Regina. Like -27 freezing. So warmer than my trip last month. Thankfully no flight incidents save for mr inappropriate.

I leave tomorrow late afternoon for Ottawa. Fun trip! Meeting in the morning. I was able to read about 4 proposals on the flight despite mr. inappropriate reading them over my shoulder. I hate that. If it's not your business, don't pay attention!

Let's hope I get a row to myself on my flights tomorrow. I have a connection in Winnipeg. (please withhold the applause)

The bed appears to be comfortable here, although smaller than the one I have back home. And smaller. I've grown accustomed to sleeping vertically across my bed and I can't do it on this one.

I need to ask our IT department to lay off the restrictions on our laptops. It doesn't let us download anything to them so I'm stuck carrying two laptops around as I have programs on my personal one I want to use (poker). My work laptop is smaller and lighter than my personal one so it'd be nice to not have to pack a bunch of crap around.

I'm ditching a 40 lb binder here in Regina before carrying on so at least the load will get lighter. (it really doesn't weigh 40 lbs but it comes pretty freakin' close).

PS: It's freakin' flat here.

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