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So, I get paid to think and analyze. I get to travel across this wonderful country and across this province. I am well compensated for the work I do. I can work from home most days, in my pajamas. I have to go into the office at least one day a week if I'm working from home that whole week. This week, because I've been on the road until today, I won't go into the office until Monday. And I'm only going in on Monday because I'm forced to. I was going to take the day off and go shopping but, because it's my birthday soon, they tried planning this surprise lunch for me. But I'm difficult. They pay me to analyze, can't turn that part of my brain off so the first question I ask when I'm asked if I can be at the office Monday is,
"We have a meeting."
"What's the meeting about."
"What kind of stuff"
"We need you there"
"I was planning on taking Monday off work to go shopping."
"Take Tuesday off"
"Can't, I'll be travelling to *insert city here* that day"
"Take Thursday off"
"Can't, will be attending meetings in Victoria"
This is when I start frustrating the hell out of them so they just tell me. Now I'm stuck going to work on Monday just so they can take me out for lunch.

This trip I drove to the airport myself. I was running late because I didn't pack the night before and had to pack the morning I was leaving. I usually get dropped off but because my flight wasn't due back until 10:30 pm, I didn't think it was fair to expect someone to pick me up. I checked YVR's website on parking facilities and it said you can park under the covered lot for X dollars. Problem is, I went in to the P1 area where it's only hourly parking. My flight leaves at 8 am and it's now 6:52 am. The airport is hopping. The signs say that your car will be towed if you try park overnight. So I drive towards the exit and notice there's an entrance into the economy lot where you don't have to go around the whole freaking country to get there. I take that route.

Because despite still paying the airport improvement fee for the 100 years they've been upgrading the airport it seems the only thing that is different at the airport is they taser people coming here. I park and make the long run to the departure area and wait in line to drop off my luggage, run through security and wait at my gate.

So, I managed to catch an earlier flight home instead of waiting at the airport for 8 hours. In fact, as I write this blog post from the comfort of my own home, if I decided to keep the same flight, I'd have only left Ottawa 40 minutes ago.

Anyway, I tried doing the whole pre-pay your parking before exiting and it showed I owe $359.00. I kid you fucking not.

If you know the grief I went through just to get the right flight reservations you can understand my dismay of having to explain to those that are reimbursing my travel why I paid $359.00 for parking. Instead of taking that up the ass I decided to go through the cashier and fight about it.

I pull up to the cashier and give her my ticket. She then lectures me about being late for my flight and says I should be there three hours before my flight. I thank her for her recommendation but I'm not there for a lecture.

In fact there are only two times I accept lectures/advice. From my Mom when she tells me to go see a doctor when I'm sick. Just to shut my Mom up I'll go see a doctor. The other time, I'm not going to write about.

The cashier then acts like she's doing me a favour and tells me she'll charge me $25 a day. I look at the sign and it says $13 per day for economy. I tell her that's all well and good but I'm not paying it. She says I have no choice. I advise her we all have choices and I'm choosing not to pay it.

I get into semantic debates about words all the time. Like the word "need". I fucking hate it. You "need" a blowjob? If that were the case and it was an ABSOLUTE need, you'd learn to become freakin' bendable and blow yourself if it meant you'd save your own life. Aside from that, it's a want.


I tell her I want to speak to her supervisor. She says her supervisor isn't there. I said, "Fine, I'll wait." And I was fully prepared to. Fuck, I wasn't due in at that time anyway and it's all comp time to me so why not argue.

If I wanted to pay $75 a day in parking I'd have valet parked my car.

She then presses this magic button to talk to a supervisor. She advises said supervisor I parked at P1, the $300+ lot. I correct her. She tells me to hush. I tell her to fuck herself.

She tells her supervisor I refuse to pay $75 for parking. Her supervisor tells her that's fine, charge me the $13 per day and write a note on the ticket.

Boo yah.

I have other things on my mind but this was the safest thing I could post about for now.

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