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After my last post on my hair being super long I spent entirely too much time wondering why it's so long and decided to get it cut. I went in there thinking, "yeah, short hair" and ended up saying, "just get rid of the split ends" which lead to about 4 inches being cut off and me being a tad irritated. I wish I could just cut my own hair. I didn't have 4 inches of split ends, I know that for a fact. I just think the hairdresser gets carried away cutting they don't know when to stop and suddenly they have to even out their mistake.

Rain or snow, rain or snow, flurries, rain or snow. Snow. It snowed the day I was born. Actually it snowed for the week before I was born and after.

My birthday's next weekend. I've been looking at weekend trips I can take. If people keep asking what I want for my birthday and Christmas I'm going to be tempted to say, "airfare". A flight to London will run about $1000.00. A flight to Rome will run about $1200.00. Hotel accommodations will run anywhere between $500.00 - $800.00. Honestly, I thought about New York, Los Angeles, etc. but when you add the hotels in it'd be about the same price as going overseas. If I could take off to Rome for 3 days and see Vatican City and some ruins, it'd be a fantastic way to end the year. And it'd be a fantastic compromise to what to do next year, a wedding or Rome.

A girl can dream.

Another early day tomorrow and I'm not packed.

Another trip and I'm not ready.

I have a report due this past Friday that isn't done yet.

If procrastinating hasn't turned out to be so lucrative to me, I'd probably be on time.

Man did you see the Oilers win in another shootout on Saturday?

That was so sweet.

Okay, vent time. For Christmas last year, my lovely sister and her fiance, along with my fantastic parents bought me a black 80 gb iPod video, that I love. The only one they had though, was a white iPod and I wanted a black one because they look way better. So, I didn't use the white one at all and waited until I saw a store here had a black one available and drove the hour to get it. So obviously it was a straight up exchange.

Well, the earphones for my ipod are toast. I needed a new one. Futureshop sells you this 3 year in-store warranty. So, I brought it in and said I needed new earphones. They said that since it's still under the apple care warranty I'll have to send it to apple. I said, "No, not acceptable, I bought a 3 year protection plan from Futureshop and I want to use that." A debate happened which lead me to say, "Listen, just get your supervisor. What you're basically telling me is I paid for a 3 year protection and am only going to get 2 and that's not right." Which lead me to having to wait for the manager to show up which lead them to just replacing my earphones.

It seems to be a trend every weekend, me fighting with people in stores.

Actually I also argue with everyone when I'm right. Take this upcoming trip. We attend these national meetings because it benefits people across the country. Because it's of no real benefit to us (that I've yet to figure out). So, I get this email saying please email our travel agent to make arrangements. I think this is my fourth time there. All other 3 times I flew in on the same plane and out on the same plane. It's the most convenient flights for me. And virtually everyone in our office who has to attend some meetings at the same time. They're direct flights, etc.

So, I get this email from the travel agent saying the policy of the organization changed and that they have to go cheapest air travel available. Which had me travelling on some connecting flights, etc. and taking twice as long to get there.

I emailed them back saying that isn't really acceptable given the distance I have to travel and how long it takes and the risk of connecting flights when the weather is inclimate. No dice. Without even considering my email they book me on all these connecting flights, there and back. And on the connecting flight back they have me waiting at their airport for 6 hours before even departing. I'd be leaving damn near midnight! I emailed again and again, trying to get them to see the err of their ways but they weren't listening. Which lead me to finally say, "Please cancel my flight reservations as I will no longer be attending the meeting." Which lead to an email saying, "Could you please advise why you will no longer be attending." UH...HELLO!! my other 10 emails weren't enough of a reason? I never bothered responding as I was in meetings that needed my attention. I then got an email saying, "I apologize. I spoke with the Senior Director and was advised that we should not be imposing our in-house policies on non-staff members who are attending these meetings. If you are still available to attend these meetings we will gladly cancel the current reservations and make the ones you originally requested. Please advise."

About. fricken'. time.

See, I knew if the senior director knew about the problem he'd make this decision but someone who didn't have the authority to deny me was insistent on being right. I never really planned on not going but I am always right and 90% of the time I always win.

I don't worry about karma anymore. After much thought and deliberation, I decided with the Gretzky and Smyth trades the union owes me a lot.

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