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My sister has a psychotic friend who threatened to come over to my sister's place Saturday and kick my ass. Fuckin' bitch. I told her she's more than welcome to try. Now she's obviously no longer invited to my sister's wedding. The story really isn't worth getting into. Suffice it to say, if it weren't me taking into consideration my niece's good heart and her feelings, I'd probably be in some Alberta jail waiting to be bailed out.

Aside from that fiasco, my trip to Alberta was pretty good. I'm going back there in a few weeks for Thanksgiving and to also see Jason Smith's return to Edmonton. For all the fuss being raised about Ryan Smyth's return to Edmonton, I'm also looking forward to Jason's. He was a great captain. He was my second favourite Oiler AFTER Smytty. Oh Captain, my Captain.

I was lucky enough to get a pair of tickets to see Ryan Smyth's first game back in Edmonton but I just heard today I might be in meetings somewhere back east around the same time so I'm going to have to do some serious juggling.

I am also the proud owner of four Edmonton Oiler minipacks. Did I blog about that already? Who the eff knows. I'm selling 4 pairs of tickets. I have no desire to see the Dallas or Anaheim games. My sister's fiance has already sold the Dallas tickets for me and one pair of the Anaheim tickets. Being the eternal optimist, I now have the inside track to playoff tickets. I've also signed up for season tickets in Edmonton as well. I have decided when I'm finally eligible for Oilers season tickets I'll move to Edmonton.

I'm off to Ontario on Friday. Spending the weekend there with familia. Then off to meetings Monday to Wednesday and flying on a late-night flight back for some meetings Thursday.

I had to sign some super secret government papers today.

I'm still waiting for Rye to hook me up with a new banner.

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